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Privacy Policy

Bienvenue, welcome, welkom.

You are (becoming) a Climar, and on the way to reducing your ecological footprint.  During this journey you’ll share some personal information with us. We’ve developed this Privacy Policy to let you know how we collect, use and disclose this information.


Before we start

Your privacy is important. They all say that, we know, but it is. As we are all about keeping things simple, logic and clear when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle, we apply the same values to the management of your personal data. Climars collects very basic personal information and only with one goal: to make your journey as  effective and simple as possible.


Just to be sure

Here’s what we mean when we say: 

Climars: that’s us. An organization that offers experiences of a sustainable lifestyle via a free app.  

KvK number: 74660608, Woubruggestrat 34H, 1059VS, Amsterdam, NL


A Climar: that’s you, and everyone else that created an account in the Climars app.

A Partner: any business that cooperates with Climars, for example by offering a product or service via the app.

Along the way


  • WHAT information we collect:

If you choose a more sustainable lifestyle and register via the app, then you agree to the collection and use of information in line with this policy.  The  basic information we collect is:

  • your username

We just don’t want to call you user1, user2, user3...

  • your email address

There must be a way to contact you.

  • your gender 

If you choose to share it with us. It will help us to define what can be improved in the challenges to fit you better.

  • your age

Knowing how old Climars’ audience is will help us in defining challenges that fit you best.

  • your city 

Each city will obviously have a different offer of partners.

  • your company, university or organization name

Climars also aims to offer specific challenges to specific groups.


  • Let’s be clear: 

We do not receive personal data via any other source than you.

  • WHY we collect this information:

This information is used to provide you access to the Climars app via your account, to communicate with you, and to offer you Climars services and products.


  • Let’s be clear: 

We will not use your email address as spam trash.

  • WHO we share information with:

Your personal information will only be shared with 3rd parties when this is needed to provide our service. 


Please note that if you use a 3rd party like Facebook to log in, the privacy & cookie policy from that company applies for that specific service.


We use google analytics to understand your journey as a Climar, and improve our service as much as we can.


We will not use or share your information with 3rd parties except as described in this Privacy Policy.


  • Let’s be clear:

We do not sell any personal data to third parties.


To finish (you’ve made it!):


Changes to this privacy policy may apply as our services further develop. If you care about your privacy, please do visit this page regularly to know where you stand.


For any question with regards to your personal information as well as this Privacy Policy,  you can contact us via


It’s as simple as that!

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